Emotional Eating

Lots of reason I want to talk about this subject. Basically it’s something I have done and still do to this day.

Either when I am sad or happy or bored – emotional eating happens at times.

Is this something you suffer from? What can we do to stop this pattern?

I can remember from a young child being told if I ate my dinner I would have lovely pudding… does this help…. I guess I have seen food as a comfort and an enjoyment to have a treat. I am not saying necessarily that this is wrong because I can imagine myself saying to my own children. But really it’s about not tempting ourselves for being good to eat something that in the end will make us feel rubbish!

If I am feeling sad or upset about something I know that food plays a big part of trying to get myself better. For instance I could easily sit with a big bar of chocolate totally enjoy it and literally after the last mouthful I feel terrible – upset – annoyed – sick! Thankfully because I have done this many many times I now know that I will only buy a small bar and if I eat it then I try and savoury it rather than feel bad for having it.

I think when you know you are an emotional eater to even recognise it is great. With this knowledge you already know if a situation comes around the likelihood is you may choose an option which you know you should not!

It’s also the same if I am really happy and enjoying myself then food plays a great role – let’s celebrate lets drink wine, have some cake and enjoy a box of chocolates! I agree that at times we all need to do this because it’s enjoyable. It has to be in moderation like most things in life!

I suppose what I am trying to say is that emotional eating is totally normal but to recognise it is great and can make a major difference. The difference means you can do something about it. Take yourself for a nice walk in the country, have a run or take the kids out on their bikes or for a swim – anything that brings those endorphins to us without the added body fat!



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