Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone

Thanks for logging onto me and reading my first blog!

Now my 13 year old is great at these but let me see how I go!

Thought I would do the first one about me really and why I am a Personal Trainer….

It started 10 years ago now when I really got into the gym after having my first daughter Eleanor – Imanaged to get down to a size 10/12 after always being somewhere between a size 12 or 14 for many years and around 16 years ago I was a size 16. I have always, and always will enjoy food and dining out in general. I like a glass of wine and socialising and having lots of fun! So to do all of this and maintain a good weight has always been hard for me.

Going to the gym and finding a class I really enjoyed helped me immensely – I found new friends that also enjoyed the classes and it soon became a permanent fixture in my life. So much so that just before I fell pregnant with my youngest I decided to take my exercise to music course and becomean instructor! Then I found out while training that I was 8 weeks pregnant – that was all fine but meant actually setting up a business and taking classes each week would not be possible for a while.

Anyway after putting this on hold for a bit I decided that perhaps the Personal Trainer route was the one to go down. For one this did not include trying to teach people to music which I found out is not my thing! I have never found my weight an easy thing to control but with exercise I have the ability to control it better. Things happen in life which can make us go off the boil as such but like my clients I am not always “good” I enjoy my life and take the good with the bad in terms of managing my weight. Mainly I try and focus on healthy clean eating – getting plenty of exercise and good sleep and enjoyable time with friends and family. As far as I am concerned it’s not about being skinny/thin etc but healthy fit and comfortable with my body shape. This is what I try and bring across to my clients.

So Personal Trainer I became. Life changed and I got divorced and was caring, for the majority of the time my two girls, moving home and starting up a new business… it was busy to say the least!

Life has calmed down a bit…. After a year or so of moving around to parks or clients houses and gardens I built (or should I say had built) a wooden construction in the garden known as my gym! Its great fun and means I can look after my girls and still work. I now have a great regular following of clients and like the fact that I can give them one to one attention in an environment that they do not feel uncomfortable in. Many women come to me because big gyms are one expensive but also there are lots of other people watching them. In my gym it’s just me and you and the mirrors..sorry!

Also after becoming a trainer became a boxercise instructor which I love. I use this a lot in my one to one lessons but take a couple of classes a week of this. Its fun but the contact with others makes it varied and each person you pad or punch gives a different dynamic to the sport. Classes are fun andI have made some great friends through this.



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